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The 2 Best Casino Games for Introverts


It is undeniably true that being an introvert is quite tough, and when it comes to taking initiatives and standing headstrong through a challenge, this category of people isn’t the best. But that doesn’t make them outcast or a group that needs to be ignored; they, indeed, have talents that are left unexplored. Gambling isn’t easy for them either since it involves conversations and boisterous situations that may not appeal to them. Be it casinos or sports betting; a tendency to lean towards the interests of the extroverts has persisted for the longest time. Even when some of the introverts love to enjoy a night of gambling, they are not given a chance, or they find it hard to muster up the courage to try their luck in those establishments. If you are an introvert and would love to gamble, here are a few games that you must try.

1. Video Poker

One of the major reasons for video poker to be on the top of this list is the fact that you can play this game alone at a casino without the need for any company. If you aren’t good with social circles, video poker with its mechanized working can add fun to your evening of gambling. You can always go for the online casinos if you are an introvert, but if you want to experience the fun in a land-based casino, video poker can be the best option.

Video Poker

Being a beginner at gambling would also be a good reason for you to start with video poker since it has a low house edge. Many other games have a high house edge, which you may find hard to deal with. Loss of funds may not occur in a short period but can surely set in during the game’s long run. In order to avoid this, you have to opt for the games that keep you away from the risk of losing it all. Video poker is that game which keeps you hooked, provides low house edge, and sets up a private space for you.

2. Slots

If you are aware of the games and the activities in the gambling industry, you might have been confused with slots not occupying the first position. Slots is a great casino game and offer some unmatchable entertainment, even to the ones who are new to gambling. But it has come down to the second position only because it has a higher house edge than video poker.


Anyone who wants to have a little fun should try slots since it requires no strategies or skills like in the other games. All you need to do is trigger the reels for a spin by pushing the button. You will have to face the waiters and waitresses if you are playing at land-based casinos, but that should be the only interaction you have to get into while playing slots. So, slots are an excellent option for you unless you are extremely concerned about losing money in the long run. If more factors are stopping you from going to a land-based casino for a game of slots, you could just try it in the online casinos.

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